What is your turn around time?

The current turn around time is approximately 1 week plus shipping time. Our dough is made by hand to order to provide you with the freshest dough possible. If you are under a specific deadline like for a gift please reach out to me prior to ordering to see if I can accommodate your order on the timeline you need.

Are your doughs taste safe for young kids?

Our doughs use all natural ingredients, and are 100% non-toxic.

My dough hadn’t been used in a while and formed crystals. 

Our doughs contain salt, which can sometimes naturally crystallize on the surface. Just give your dough a knead and add a couple of drops of water if needed and it will disappear!

My child has allergies, can you please list all ingredients in your dough?

We use organic unbleached flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, filtered water, gel colour, essential oils or small amounts of premium fragrance oil.

My child is sensitive to scent. Can I order unscented dough?

Definitely! When you place an order, email calie@wonderandwhimsical.com with your order number, and I will make sure your items arrive unscented.