About us

I’m a mom of two little boys, living in Toronto, Canada. During the first COVID-19 quarantine, I started to make my son simple sensory kits - with homemade playdough or rice. I found it helped engage my eldest son Rocky, especially when he was bored or going stir crazy. I loved that I could take a minute and sit back, watching him play and invent new ways to put the pieces together, while having a moment to nurse the baby, have a cup of coffee, or just enjoy a few moments of quiet!

It occurred to me that other parents/caregivers could use something similar, and after reaching out to friends + family, devised the monthly subscription kit! An all-in-one sensory kit to occupy and engage your kids, and give you a much needed break!

Wonder + Whimsical creates adorable sensory kits, which include handmade play-dough and curated items to provide your littles with a unique and fun learning experience.

We want our customers to open a kit that surprises and thrills. It shouldn’t feel educational, but like a new magical world to explore. Most of all, we want to provide fellow parents and caretakers with a guilt-free break, one that is highly deserved!