Our Favourite Things - March 2022

March was a month of prep. Rock and Q are starting formal daycare a couple of days a week for the first time, Easter is rapidly approaching and the weather is still cold enough that we needed some pick me ups for our indoor play. It was easy to choose our favs this month because the boys (and I) are so enamoured with them they’ve already found themselves under heavy use! In no particular order— here we go!


Carrot Garland from @lilnorthco - super high quality and darling. I love that each ball is knotted in place!


Yellowdoor Playdough Rollers - sold by @lepetitcocon These are absolutely stunning. Heavy, completely non-stick and the perfect accompaniment to (ours or any) playdough! :)


Floatie and swimsuits by @currenttyedclothing. I’ve been eyeing these floaties for a while and finally pulled the pin along with a few sets of swim suits for Rock & Q’s Easter basket. My parents always gifted us bathing suits for Easter— and I love the idea that summer is around the corner! The floatie is awesome quality and the green we picked is a beautiful neutral shade. 

Fawn and Raccoon puppets from @Folkmanispuppets. I wanted to avoid adding a stuffed bunny to the boys Easter baskets this year, since they’ve already managed to acquire so many in their young lives. I used the holiday as an opportunity to snag some puppets! Still plush and cute, but with the added benefit of being fun for storytime! 


Kanken Mini backpacks by Fjallraven. Being COVID babies, Rock and Q have managed to avoid formal daycare for their entire 3 years and 18 month respectively. Now they are joining the ranks (on a two day schedule) and Mamas, I am not ready. I quelled my mom guilt and anxiety by splurging on some high quality backpacks for them, which will hopefully last for the next several years! We also ordered special hang tags from @birchbarandco with their names on, so they will be completely swagged out, while they happily skip away from their sobbing mother. :P


 Silk scarves by Sarah Silks - sold by @mymyandme. I posted a story about my late to the game love of these things. The hype is real my friends. My husband sort of rolled his eyes when he saw them, like these kids will never play with those, to them watch rocky turn one scarf from a bonfire to a volcano to a superhero cape to finally just dance around like a rhythmic gymnast. They are amazing and truly unlock the imagination. We will be back for more for sureeee.

 Bunny and Egg Gem sets by @highway.to.railway. The first drop of these gem sets that we’ve been able to time correctly! She sells out almost immediately, I got cart swiped TWICE and I cannot handle the pressure of a heated drop lol. But luckily I was able to snag two beautiful sets and a giant egg. She usually does a drop around each holiday so make sure you set your reminders. They are stunning quality and fascinate the boys. I will definitely be grabbing more at the next drop as heirloom quality holiday decor/toys.

 Tahitian Vanilla Candle in Carved Wood Bowl by @thesiberianspa. I posted about this sucker too— it is absolutely stunning and has lived on my dining table since it arrived. It scents the room wonderfully and once the wax is done I’ll have a beautiful key bowl! Haha can’t wait!

Apple Leather Alphabet Mat by @little.larch

First and foremost, this mat is so pretty! I am obsessed with anything cognac anyways, but the dimensions are so unique and honestly perfect for playdough. It’s nice and wide so no playdough ends up balled on either side. It’s also lightweight and grips the table well. We’ve used it non-stop.

Baby Sleep Bag by @kytebaby. We were late to the game on this one for Rock, but luckily Q is still small enough that we can drape him in these luxurious sacks! Omggg they are so insanely soft, I feel like our old ones are basically burlap pieces of garbage. I’m obsessed.